investment policy and strategy

Ernest Cruikshank

Managing Director

Ernest Cruikshank, III began his investment career with Harris, Upham & Co. After moving to Atlanta, he worked for White Weld & Co. as well as Wood, Struthers and Winthrop. He joined Salomon Brothers in 1976 as Vice President and later moved to their New York office. Mr. Cruikshank joined Jamison, Eaton & Wood in 1988 as Senior Vice President and head of fixed income management, working with fixed income clients and directing their public fund advisory business portfolio fund. In 2002, he was named Executive Vice President, Chief Investment Officer, and Chairman of the Investment Strategy Group. He joined Silvercrest in July, 2015 when they acquired Jamison, Eaton & Wood. He serves as the sole fixed income advisor to a large public fund, while also advising a number of private clients and institutions. In June, 2016 he joined Silvercrest's Investment Policy and Strategy Committee.