family office services

Silvercrest is proud to provide additional wealth management resources to our clients beyond traditional investment portfolio management. Our family office group is designed to provide a wide range of services tailored to the needs of each client. Our capabilities include coordinated estate and wealth planning, financial and income tax planning, consolidated reporting, and personal accounting solutions. Utilizing our family office services allows our clients to focus on what's truly important to them. At Silvercrest, it is our goal to provide clients with a comprehensive wealth management platform at the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, and efficiency.

 Family Office Mgmt Team


The Family Office Group provides comprehensive reporting to ensure that our clients have an accurate and complete view of their family holdings. At Silvercrest, we believe in customization and our consolidated reports are designed to provide information the way you want to see it. We have the ability to aggregate data from all your investments, including accounts held by different custodians, alternative investments, real estate, and other private holdings. Our reports help provide clients with insights into performance, risk, liquidity, asset allocation and allows for sophisticated wealth planning on the entire asset base. These reports enable efficient determination of where action should be taken.


Silvercrest’s Family Office Group works side-by-side with our portfolio managers to integrate tax planning concepts into the investment advice that our portfolio managers provide to their clients. Our comprehensive knowledge of tax—income, estate, gift, and entity taxation—allows Silvercrest to identify tax planning opportunities and provide proactive solutions. The Family Office Group can provide a full range of income tax services including tax return preparation for individuals, trusts, charitable and business entities and can help guide you through changing tax laws.

In addition to tax planning, our team offers expertise and experience to navigate the financial complexities of your wealth. We work with a client's investment advisors, attorneys and accountants to develop a customized plan that is most appropriate in achieving their financial objectives. We have the capability to provide our clients with comprehensive analytics to aid in decisions such as retirement, philanthropic, gift and cash flow planning.


Silvercrest offers personal accounting services which include bill paying, accounting, domestic employee payroll management, medical insurance administration and other similar personal accounting services. These services are intended to provide our clients with an efficient and cost-effective back office solution. Clients benefit from a highly personalized approach that reduces the administrative burdens of their lives.

In addition, we provide financial reporting including personal general ledgers, account reconciliations, budgeting and cash forecasts. We prepare cash flow projections to assist with the implementation and monitoring of long-term goals and objectives. This provides the client with the ability to understand and manage their assets and cash flows much more effectively.