One of Silvercrest’s primary objectives is to deliver excellent investment results by offering a combination of core proprietary investment capabilities complemented by “best of class” outsourced capabilities for those clients seeking diversification beyond Silvercrest’s offering.

Silvercrest’s investment capabilities have performed well in past market cycles and have done so with relatively attractive levels of risk and tax efficiency. Our proprietary investment capabilities are quality-oriented, value-based and highly disciplined. For our outsourced investment capabilities, we look for advisors that have a similar approach to our internal management: long-term, tax-efficient and high quality. Because we manage strategies internally, we feel it gives us an advantage when looking for the best-of-breed, complementary offerings.

Taken together—and combined with our financial planning and tax expertise and industry-leading consolidated investment reporting—we believe our capabilities offer exactly the right combination of ingredients to help our clients successfully manage their financial affairs.