portfolio management

Client Focus

Whether their goal is to construct an equity, fixed income or balanced portfolio, Silvercrest's portfolio managers help clients define their wealth management objectives and then design a customized portfolio strategy to achieve them. We do not employ a cookie cutter approach. Although each client's investment plan is customized, Silvercrest's portfolio managers conduct regular peer reviews of each client's portfolio to assure that the client is receiving the firm's best thinking at all times. The fact that many of Silvercrest's portfolio managers have been working together for more than 10 years results in a dynamic and stimulating professional environment that is fundamental to Silvercrest's best practice methodology. In effect, each client benefits not just from one portfolio manager but from a team that brings many years of experience to bear on meeting the client's needs.

We make every effort to be independent and objective in the advice that we provide and we will succeed or fail on the basis of the integrity and quality of that advice. Importantly, because each senior portfolio manager is a Silvercrest shareholder, each is highly motivated to "go the extra mile" on behalf of our clients.

Estate and Financial Planning

In working with private clients, Silvercrest's portfolio managers endeavor to integrate estate and financial planning concepts into the investment advice that we render to our clients. Whether assisting clients in the development and implementation of philanthropic plans, the tax-efficient transfer of wealth within the family or simply the minimization of income or estate taxes, Silvercrest's professionals are prepared to work with a client's attorneys and accountants to develop a plan that is most appropriate for achieving a client's financial objectives.