Equity Management

Silvercrest's proprietary equity management team is responsible for large-cap, small-cap, multi-cap and equity-income portfolios, and it employs a disciplined, value-oriented security selection methodology in its stock picking. The senior members of the Silvercrest equity team have been together for more than 17 years and the fully integrated team encompasses analysis, trading and administration.

Our proprietary equity portfolios are designed to seek compound annual returns in the range of 8-11% per year over complete market cycles and to attempt to do so with below-market levels of risk. Because we take a conservative and long-term approach, our portfolio turnover is low. We favor financially transparent and understandable companies run by proven management teams with substantial equity stakes and which sell at attractive valuations. We do not invest in fads, IPOs or troubled companies. As a result, our stock portfolios tend to underperform slightly in bull markets but outperform significantly in bear markets. This "value with a quality bias" style of investing is designed to be a core equity strategy and has consistently performed well over full market cycles.

 Equity Management Team

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