family office services

Silvercrest is proud to provide additional wealth management resources to our clients, beyond investment and portfolio management. We will supervise estate planning, wealth transfer between generations, and the minimization of income and estate taxes, plus corporate fiduciary and trust advisement. For its largest investment advisory clients, Silvercrest offers a range of family office and concierge services as well. It is our goal to provide clients with a total wealth-management platform at the highest levels of professionalism, integrity and efficiency.

 Family Office Mgmt Team

Wealth and Tax Planning

Silvercrest’s wealth planning and tax advisory team works side-by-side with our portfolio managers in order to integrate estate, financial and tax planning concepts into the investment advice that our portfolio managers render to their clients. In particular, Silvercrest’s tax advisory team handles all aspects of income tax preparation and filing for clients who wish to consolidate this function with their investment management. Whether assisting clients to develop and implement philanthropic plans, the tax-efficient transfer of wealth within the family or simply the minimization of income or estate taxes, Silvercrest’s tax and financial planning professionals work with a client’s portfolio manager, attorneys and accountants to develop a customized plan that is most appropriate in achieving a client’s financial objectives.

Fiduciary Services

For those clients who wish to utilize a corporate fiduciary in their wealth planning, Silvercrest offers its investment advisory clients a full range of fiduciary services through a contractual arrangement with a major trust company headquartered in New York City. Under this arrangement Silvercrest professionals manage the client’s trust investments and financial relationship, while the trust company handles the trust’s administrative details. In addition to trust services, Silvercrest clients who wish to name a corporate fiduciary in their wills may do so in the comfort of knowing that Silvercrest will manage the client’s investments during the estate’s administration and, thereafter, in any testamentary trust created.

Personal Accounting Services

Silvercrest offers a range of family office services which include bill paying, accounting, domestic employee payroll management, medical insurance administration and other similar personal accounting services. These services are intended to represent an efficient, cost-effective alternative to the employment of personal secretaries or bookkeepers. Clients benefit from a highly personalized approach that reduces the administrative burdens of their lives.

Concierge Services

Silvercrest offers its investment advisory clients a full suite of concierge services. For clients who so desire, Silvercrest is equipped to make limousine, aircraft, yacht, hotel, theater, sporting, spa, restaurant, nightclub, shopping and other travel or entertainment arrangements in virtually any corner of the globe.

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